Hello and welcome to my Larder.

This is a place where I store my experimental recipes, some photographs, and sentimental thoughts on travel, sweet cravings, and life in general.

My name is Demi and I call the unique place called Scotland my home. It is an inspiration to me with its dark history, enchanting architecture, and warm-hearted people. I love losing myself deep into Edinburgh’s back coble streets while pondering on what unusual recipes I could try, what new photography set I can build or what DIY store or charity shop I still have to conquer to supply my growing photography props collection. Or similar random thoughts.

I spent my childhood and teen years in Bulgaria and many of my recipes are inspired by the Bulgarian cuisine. Although it’s not yet particularly popular around here, it offers many fantastic flavours I love to play with and interpret in the Scottish context.

The year I was in Denmark was crucial for the growth of my palate and my culinary skills. I spent days watching Danish pastry chefs whip exquisite deserts based on cream, berries, and pistachios. I fell in love with the Scandinavian simplicity (and their cycling protocol) present even in their food and I would often look there for ideas.

This blog follows my learning curve as I learn and practice my baking and photography. I am a firm believer that food needs to be wholesome and that this plays an important role in its deliciousness. I find sweet things much better when they are more than a bowl of sugar. That’s why I use as little sugar as possible, just enough to compliment the tartness of the berries and the richness of the chocolate. I also like to go off the beaten path so don’t be surprised if you find unusual ingredients where you don’t think they belong – it could be a typo but more likely I am creating the next best thing. So come in, pick and choose to your liking, I will try to keep the larder well stocked.

You can also follow me @ https://www.facebook.com/thestorylarder where you can drop me a message if you want.
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