Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Amsterdam layover, Pt 2

I like it when I ask for a drink and they offer me hot chocolate with rum. Amsterdam and I might work after all.

Our day started slowly. We weren't decided on whether we wanted to see Rembrandt or van Gogh. I was more interested to see Starry Night but the Rijksmuseum won over. We got our tickets online and rushed to see the exhibition for our 2 pm appointment. Thankfully breakfast was super easy as on a Monday noon the city was bustling with bakeries and organic cafes. Munching on a delicious pastrami sandwich we navigated the narrow streets between swarms of bikers and before long the domes of the Rijksmuseum peeked ahead. The lady at the entrance had two things to tell us:

-put your bottles in a bag
-you are at the wrong museum

It appears we somehow managed to get tickets for the van Gogh museum instead. Although the two museums are close by, we were lucky they weren't too strict on keeping the attendance times (unlike the church where Leonardo's Last Supper is exhibited). 

I am overall quite happy with our visit there. It's the first gallery that doesn't lose my interest halfway through. I liked the abundance of explanations on van Gogh's style and history; I learnt a decent bit of information and I felt a decent bit of emotions. My only disappointment-Starry Night is not housed in this museum and not even on this continent...

We left the museum at closing times and the drizzle and wind outsite cut short our plans for night walks. The old school bakery I had read about had closed by the time we got there so we headed to Cafe Luxembourg for drinks. Upon entrance I was surprised to find a large table split in half by newspapers draped on a pole in the middle. People would come in, grab a paper, order a drink, and leave just as unobtrusively. The waiter made my evening offering me hot chocolate with rum (I imagine the scandal if i order that in the UK), and their food was not bad at all. 

The drizzle had turned into proper rain so after a quick roam in search of the Red Light District that was rather desolate (maybe it was early? Or maybe that's just what Mondays are like...) our layover holiday in Amsterdam was over.



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