Monday, 19 October 2015

Ireland on the road, Pt 5 - Castlehaven to Blarney

We didn’t have anything starred on the map for the day and decided to go with whatever the Atlantic coast had to offer. We stopped at tiny fishing villages tuck into quiet bays and watched wild birds inspect the shallow waters for food. Drombeg Stone Circle, a Stonehenge-like structure, gave as an interesting insight into the ceremonial rituals of the locals some thousands years ago. I was mostly impressed with the stone bed they used for cooking that somehow managed to bring to the boil 300 litres of water in 18 minutes. I’m not sure if my electric kettle stands a chance. After a quick bite at beautiful Kinsale we headed toward Blarney in a hope we’d get to the castle before closing time. Driving through Cork got on my nerves, it wasn’t as easy-peasy as driving in the country with so many lanes and traffic and at the end the castle grounds had just closed. Regardless, my day was full of sunshine and sea, and flowers and after so much excitement I was happy to call it a day.


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